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ESL Classroom Activity - Fun English GamesForming Sentences with Words

This fun ESL classroom activity involves students using a range of English words to form sentences that make sense.

Before you start you'll need to cut out a number of small pieces of paper, enough for one per student and preferably more. After this, write a range of different words on the pieces of paper remembering that you'll need a wide variety to ensure it's actually possible for the students to form correct sentences.


That means using everything from adjectives to nouns, verbs and adverbs etc. Here are a few examples of words that will probably come in handy:

a, it, the, she, is, we, of, house, car, fast, slow, blue, went, live, happy, up, to, he, sister, will, no, yesterday, who, go, food, dad, see, run, small, am, I, rabbit, movie, meet, but, think, can, space, fly, because, so, there, on, should, under, here, be, my, red, eat, not, today, tree, school, why, really, please, yes, quiet, off.

It's a good idea to make to make multiple versions of important words and feel free to throw a few funny ones in there too.

Randomly hand out the pieces of paper to the students so they each have one word. Tell them they have around 5 minutes (or however long you decide) to form sentences with other students (they don't need to worry about punctuation).

Once they think they have formed a correct sentence they should let you know so you can check it, if it makes sense, those students can sit down.

The other students continue to try and form sentences until they are successful and sitting down, the 5 minutes has elapsed or there are just no more sentences that can possibly be made.

Record the number of students who were unable to be part of a proper sentence and try to beat it in future rounds. Remind the leftover students that some words can be harder to use than others so they shouldn't feel bad.


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