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ESL Classroom Activity - Fun English GamesGuess the Action

Help ESL students remember a range of important English verbs with this fun classroom activity where they attempt to guess the actions performed by their classmates.

The game plays like a simple version of charades where a student receives a secret word and tries to act it out to the other members of the team.


Before you start you'll need to make small pieces of paper with a range of secret words written on them. You can use any type of words you want but I find verbs are best for this type of game so that's what I'll be using in this example.

To make the game interesting you can have easy words (worth 1 point), medium words (worth 2 points) and hard words (worth 3 points).

Here are some examples of words I use:

Easy (1 point): Eating, sleeping, running, singing, flying, cleaning

Medium (2 points): Laughing, studying, looking, throwing, talking, cooking

Hard (3 points): Thinking, pointing, lifting, climbing, opening

Split the class into teams and ask a student to choose easy, medium or hard. Give them around 20 seconds to act out the word in front of their group (while other teams stay quiet). Continue the process with the other teams while keeping track of the scores and see who wins!

You might like to let other teams guess the word if the original team are unsuccessful in their 20 seconds, giving them the chance to earn extra points.


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