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This is a great ESL classroom activity that works particularly well with classes that are normally a little shy and reserved, sometimes you need to get quiet students up and out of their desks to get them relaxed and feeling confident enough to use their English language skills.

The game involves groups of students lining up in order, depending on the criteria you choose, whether it's their birthday, height or any number of other options.


Begin by splitting your classroom into teams, if there are 30 students in your class then 3 teams of 10 should work well. Explain that they must line up in order using only English to communicate with each other, teams caught cheating will be disqualified from that round (giving them a little leniency of course).

When a team finishes, the person at the front of the line puts their hand up and you walk down the line checking that they are indeed in the correct order. You can alternatively assign each team with a captain who is in charge of organizing the team, making sure they don't cheat and signalling to you when they have finished.

Give one point to the first successful team and start the next round using different criteria, here's some I use:

Shoe size
Time they woke up this morning
Time they went to bed last night
Number of brothers and sisters
Number of pets
Number of times out of the country

For fun you can try a round where they're not allowed to communicate verbally at all, limiting them to just hand movements and physical gestures. Add up the final points at the end of the game and see which team wins!


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