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ESL Classroom Activity - Fun English GamesOne Part Drawing

One Part Drawing is a fun ESL classroom activity which is great for reinforcing keywords related to parts of the body as well as clothes and accessories such as glasses and hats.

To get started, split the classroom into teams, preferably into columns or rows so you don't have to move desks around and they can easily pass sheets of paper between each other. If there's plenty of whiteboard/blackboard space then you can use that but sheets of paper work fine otherwise.


The aim of the game is for each student in the team to draw one part of an animal, person or character, combining their efforts to hopefully produce something resembling the real thing. The students must listen carefully to the part you say at each point, quickly drawing it and passing the drawing on to the next student so they can do the same. You then judge the completed drawings at the end of each round and award points to the teams who did best.

For example, you might tell them to draw a monkey. With each team ready to go, say the first body part, which might be "tail!" the first student then has around 10 seconds to draw a monkey tail somewhere on the paper before passing it on to the next student in the team. "Ears!" might be the next part, the mouth, arms and so on. Mixing up the body parts adds to the fun so feel free to announce them in any order you please.

Change the order after each round so whoever started the first drawing finishes the next or allow them to move around as they please between rounds. A good idea is to allow the last person to draw "anything!" to give them a chance to complete a possibly disjointed picture.

Here are some examples of things I got my Japanese ESL classes to draw:

Animals: monkey, giraffe, cat, dog, panda, koala, tiger

People: yourself, Ichiro, Harry Potter

Characters: Pikachu, Super Mario, Anpanman, Minnie Mouse, Doraemon, Sponge Bob

And here's an example of the order I would get them to draw the parts in:

Monkey: ears, tail, mouth, arms, legs, body, head, nose, anything

Giraffe: neck, legs, body, eyes, nose, ears, head, anything

Harry Potter: broom, glasses, legs, arms, body, clothes, head, anything

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