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ESL Classroom Activity - Fun English GamesTwo Truths and a Lie

This simple activity will help students get to know each other a little better while helping improve their English at the same time. Give students some time to think of two truths and one lie about themselves, with the aim of surprising classmates when they guess which one is the lie.

It makes it more fun if they think of facts that may trick or surprise others so encourage them to be creative.


There are endless options but here are a few examples:

I have two sisters.

I can't swim.

I am a black belt in karate.

My favourite food is chocolate.

I am taller than my dad.

I have never been skiing.

The next part can be done as a class or in smaller groups of around 6 students. The first student says their two truths and one lie (in any order) while the others students listen and then guess which statement is the lie (usually by a show of hands).

Give everyone a turn and if it goes well you might want to have another round to give students the opportunity to think of more creative ideas now that they have the hang of it.


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