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ESL Classroom Activity - Fun English GamesWorld Travel Trip

Help ESL students improve their listening skills while they learn the names of different countries from around the world with this fun classroom activity.

Before you start you'll need a number of small pieces of paper (one for each student in the class) with a different country written on each one. Here are some of the countries I use:


France, Australia, Italy, Greece, USA, Japan, England, Mexico, New Zealand, China, Germany, Switzerland, Iraq, Brazil, Canada, Portugal, Egypt, South Africa, Ireland, Russia, Belgium, Korea, Argentina, Morocco, India, Spain, Canada, Nigeria, Scotland, Thailand.

Hand out the pieces of paper to the students (one each) and let them read which country they have. Explain to them that you are going on a world travel trip and each one of the students is a destination on your journey.

You will read out clues to the next location and it's up to the students to listen carefully and raise their hand when they think it's their country that the clues are referring to. Pretend to fly across the room, check the students piece of paper to make sure they are the intended destination, read out the next clue and continue on until you've been to every country in the room.

Make sure you organize the order beforehand as well as the clues that you will read out. The type of clues you use depends of the level of your class but here are some examples of clues I use:

France - Eiffel Tower
Australia - Kangaroos
USA - Statue of Liberty
Brazil - Famous for soccer
Egypt - Pyramids
South Africa - Animal safaris


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