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Travel & Vacations - Ideas for ESL Lesson Plans - Free English Resources OnlineTravel & Vacations

Check out our free English resources related to travel and vacations, featuring a range of online ideas for ESL lesson plans. Help students improve their English skills with map direction games, world travel activities, dream vacation worksheets, geography quizzes, travel language videos and more. Find English resources related to the topic of your choice here at Fun English Games. Whether you’re teaching or learning English, enjoy our wide range of interactive games, classroom activities, printable worksheets, coloring pages, fun stuff for kids and more!

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English for Kids

Map Routes & Directions - GameMap Routes & Directions - Game

The ability to read maps and directions is important if you're on vacation, practice your skills with this game.


World Travel Trip - ActivityWorld Travel Trip - Activity

Help students use clues to find famous destinations from around the world.


What Will You Bring on Vacation? - ActivityWhat Will You Bring on Vacation? - Activity

It's vacation time for students! But the secret is to know what to bring.


Forming Sentences with Words - ActivityCountries of the World - Activity

Find out how many countries you know with this fun classroom activity.


Travel Word Search - WorksheetTravel Word Search - Worksheet

How many words related to travel can you find hidden in our travel word search? Take the challenge and find out!


Travel Word Scramble - WorksheetTravel Word Scramble - Worksheet

Unscramble a range of words related to travel with this printable worksheet.


Travel & Vacations - WorksheetTravel & Vacations - Worksheet

Enjoy writing about travel and your dream vacation with this printable worksheet.


Cities of the Alphabet - WorksheetCities of the Alphabet - Worksheet

Think of a city for as many letters of the alphabet as you can with this fun ESL worksheet.


Car - Coloring PageCar - Coloring Page

Transport is an important part of travel so why not take our car coloring page for a spin?


Geography - QuizGeography - Quiz

Answer a range of interesting questions about geography with our printable quiz.


Countries - QuizCountries - Quiz

Use a variety of clues to work out which country is the correct answer.


How to Talk about Vacations - VideoHow to Talk about Vacations - Video

Learn how to talk to your friends about vacations with this instructional language video.


How to Talk about Travel - VideoHow to Talk about Travel - Video

Learn how to use English to talk about travel with a range of handy examples.


Can You Speak English? - VideoCan You Speak English? - Video

What happens when a tourist tries using English to find help? Find out with this funny video.

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