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English Language Topics - Ideas for ESL Lesson Plans

Words & Vocabulary Ideas for ESL Lesson Plans - Free English Resources OnlineWords & Vocabulary

Check out our free English resources related to words and vocabulary, featuring a range of online ideas for ESL lesson plans. Help students improve their vocabulary with crossword puzzle games, classroom scrabble activities, verb quizzes, language videos, tongue twisters and more. Find English resources related to the topic of your choice here at Fun English Games. Whether you’re teaching or learning English, enjoy our wide range of interactive games, classroom activities, printable worksheets, coloring pages, word searches, quizzes, videos, fun stuff for kids and more!

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English for Kids

Word search puzzle gameWord Search - Game

This interactive word search game is perfect for those that love word searches.


Hangman game for kidsHangman - Game

Enjoy this classic game of hangman for kids by guessing the missing letters of the secret word.


Crossword puzzle gameCrossword Puzzle - Game

Challenge your problem solving skills and English vocabulary with this crossword puzzle game.


Word scramble gameWord Scramble - Game

Have fun with this interactive word scramble game that kids will love.


Bubble shooter word puzzle gameBubble Word - Game

Aim the target and shoot letters to form words with this cool educational game.


Letter matching puzzle gameLetter Matching - Game

Complete this cool puzzle by matching letters of the English alphabet.


Classroom ScrabbleClassroom Scrabble - Activity

Inspired by the legendary board game of Scrabble, this classroom activity will be a winner with your students.


Odd One OutOdd One Out - Activity

Listen hard and decide which of the four options is the odd one out.


Animal Alphabet RelayAnimal Alphabet Relay - Activity

How many different animals do you know the names of? Give this fun activity a try and find out!


Unscramble Words - Fun Anagram GameUnscramble Words - Activity

Unscramble random letters into real words with this activity that's great for ESL lessons.


Linking Letters and WordsLinking Letters and Words - Activity

Quickly come up with words that link together first and last letters.


How Many Words Can You Make?How Many Words Can You Make? - Activity

Make a list of new words using letters from the original one, how many can you make?


Funny Captions WorksheetFunny Captions - Worksheet

Write some funny captions for a range of famous scenes with this printable worksheet.


Food Bingo for KidsFood Bingo - Worksheet

Learn the names of some new foods while enjoying this fun game of bingo.


Scattergories with Categories Printable WorksheetScattergories with Categories - Worksheet

Think hard and complete as many categories of this scattergories worksheet as you can.


Alphabet Scattergories Printable English WorksheetAlphabet Scattergories - Worksheet

Enjoy a fun variation of the classic game of scattergories with this printable worksheet.


Match OppositesMatch Opposite Words - Worksheet

Have fun matching words with opposite meanings (antonyms) with this printable worksheet.


Match Similar WordsMatch Similar Words - Worksheet

Use this free English worksheet to match words with similar meanings and learn about synonyms.


Cities of the Alphabet WorksheetCities of the Alphabet - Worksheet

Can you write down a city name for each letter of the alphabet? Find out with this printable ESL worksheet.


Countries of the Alphabet WorksheetCountries of the Alphabet - Worksheet

Think hard and come up with countries for different letters of the alphabet.


Foods of the Alphabet WorksheetFoods of the Alphabet - Worksheet

Think of foods for as many letters of the English alphabet as you can and improve your vocabulary.


Printable Coloring Pages for KidsColoring Pages - Worksheets

Enjoy coloring in letters of the alphabet and a range of fun pictures.


Free Word Searches for KidsWord Searches - Worksheets

Enjoy a variety of fun word searches covering everything from food to travel.


Printable Word Scrambles for KidsWord Scrambles - Worksheets

Use jumbled letters to form words with our range of word scrambles for kids.


Verb QuizVerbs - Quiz

Challenge your English skills with a range of questions related to verbs.


Adjective QuizAdjectives - Quiz

How well do you understand adjectives? Find out with our printable quiz.


Noun QuizNouns - Quiz

Use our free quiz to check you know the correct meaning of nouns.


Missing Words QuizMissing Words - Quiz

Think hard before filling in the empty spaces with missing words.


Synonyms QuizSynonyms - Quiz

Match words with similar meanings and complete our synonyms quiz.


Antonyms QuizAntonyms - Quiz

Find words with opposite meanings and complete our antonyms quiz.


Learn How to Say Hello - Different Greetings in English - Language VideoDifferent English Greetings - Video

Learn some different English greetings with this handy language video.


Learn How to Say Thank You in EnglishHow to Say Thank You - Video

Learn different ways of saying thank you in both casual and formal situations.


Learn How to Talk about FoodHow to Talk about Food - Video

Get some handy tips that will help you learn how to talk about food in English.


The 100 Most Common Words Used in the English LanguageMost Common English Words - Video

Find out what the 100 most commonly used English words are with this online video clip.


Ten Commonly Used English ExpressionsCommon English Expressions - Video

This educational video explains 10 commonly used English expressions.


Learn How to Talk about VacationsHow to Talk about Vacations - Video

Learn how to talk about vacations using the English language with this video.


Funny English Words - Weird, Strange & UnusualFunny English Words - Fun Stuff

Learn about fartleks, lollygags and lots of other funny English words.


Funny Tongue Twisters for KidsTongue Twisters - Fun Stuff

Get your tongue in a twist with our range of funny tongue twisters that kids will love.


Palindromes - Longest Words, Sentences, Lists of ExamplesPalindromes - Fun Stuff

Find out more about palindromes, words that are the same whether you read them forwards or backwards.


List of Oxymoron Examples - Learn about OxymoronsOxymorons - Fun Stuff

Enjoy learning about oxymorons, words that you wouldn't think go well together.

English for Kids

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